Tom Buitelaar

Researcher in International Relations

Welcome to my website! My name is Tom Buitelaar, and I am an Assistant Professor in the War, Peace & Justice program of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. I study the role of international conflict interventions in world politics. I’m particularly interested in the micro-dynamics of these interventions, the role of individual agency, and how they are guided by international norms. I hold a PhD from the European University Institute and two Masters from Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam.

My most recent publications include Asssisting International Justice: Cooperation Between UN Peacekeepers and the International Criminal Court in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Oxford University Press) as well as several journal articles in the European Journal of International Relations, Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding and Human Rights Review.

I teach on these subjects at Leiden University and am also the coordinator of the Minor Global Affairs there.

Finally, I’m the co-chair of the Dutch Peacekeeping Network which convenes NGOs, academia, and the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, to consider and improve the Dutch role in UN peacekeeping operations.